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What is Primal Health?

Embrace the joy of living … eliminate the fear of sickness and disease.

Being healthy and fit and remaining so for the rest of our lives is something that we have considerably more control over than most of us believe. But many of us are bewildered by the diversity of options and the conflicting information that is coming our way regarding what and when to eat to be healthy, what it means to be fit, how to achieve longevity, how to avoid things like heart disease, obesity, cancer and how to achieve and maintain a robust and functional immune system. Actually, that last one was hardly on anyone’s radar before 2020 but it has a surprising link to all those other factors.

A great deal of research has happened over the last 10 to 20 years that is changing the way we understand health, fitness, longevity and how much control we have over those things.

Primal health is based on the latest discoveries of ancestral health combined with recent scientific findings in human biology and metabolism that point us to the optimal lifestyle factors for health and vitality.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you are not a slave to the genes you inherited from your parents. What you eat, how you move, the level of stress you experience, your sleep habits, and even your attitudes are lifestyle factors that can alter your gene expression. And those are all things over which you have control. You can turn on good genes and turn off bad genes. This means you have a significant amount of control over your current health and how you age.

Yes. You really are in control!

Your body has adapted to survive and to thrive and to do so over the entire span of your natural life. Understanding how your ancestors lived can help you understand the factors that feed into your optimum gene expression and ultimately your health and fitness. We call this Primal Health.

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