Coaching you to better health

I Don’t Do Quick Fixes

quick fixes don’t work... at least not in the long run


What I Do

I’ll begin by understanding you and your basic goals – whether general such as longevity or specific such as losing 4 inches off your belt size. By understanding where you’ve been and what your personal challenges are for health and wellbeing, I work with you to design and implement a plan specific to your own personal needs and goals and then my primary job is to coach you down a new path toward the goals that you have identified and to ensure that the new way you’ve chosen “sticks” and then to release you as a client into your new lifestyle. I don’t do quick fixes. Quick fixes don’t work. At least not in the long run. Like “The Biggest Loser” contestants, quick fixes end up giving you initial success but down the road eventually, they leave you in the same place you started, or even worse. Change your lifestyle, change your life. For the rest of your life.

Rather than acquiring clients, my ultimate objective is to acquire former clients. I’ll give you the tools to start a new journey and then when you are ready I release you to take it from there. 

I don’t completely abandon you, of course. I will continue to be there for consultation and advice after any coaching engagement has ended. But the relationship doesn’t end when the coaching ends; rest assured. My ultimate objective is to see changed and renewed lives. Life long vigour, health and fitness.

Packages and Pricing

My packages are specific to the individual client. A typical package includes a 12 session program to take you from dreaming your goals to executing your new lifestyle. This approach is often the best use of your time and dollars, and has a proven success record for many people, but there are variations.

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