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What is Primal Health?

Primal health is based on the latest discoveries of ancestral health combined with recent scientific findings in human biology and metabolism that point us to the optimal lifestyle factors for health and vitality. Over the last 10 to 20 years, a great deal of research has occurredx that is changing the way we understand health, fitness, longevity and how much control we have over those things.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you are not a slave to the genes you inherited from your parents. What you eat, how you move, the level of stress you experience, your sleep habits, and even your attitudes are lifestyle factors that can alter your gene expression. And those are all things over which you have control. You can turn on good genes and turn off bad genes. This means you have a significant amount of control over your current health and how you age.

You can improve your energy, boost your stamina, maintain your vitality, and maximize your longevity all with the building blocks of a primal life: Fitness, Food & Attitude.

Fitness: Primal fitness means moving the way our bodies were designed to move and the way to do that is to adopt a lifestyle that will serve us for the rest of our lives and keep our bodies at a high level of functional fitness. Our ancestors had lean and functional physiques that epitomize what a human on this planet should look like. At least the ones that survived. And those that survived their harsh and dangerous environment were able to pass their genes on to their ancestors — lucky us!

Furthermore, examination of paleolithic remains being dug up reveals catastrophic accidents to be the most likely way to die for our ancestors, both young and old. It also shows a surprising consistency of healthy bones — lack of arthritis or osteoporosis, for example — right through to old age. This indicated that life was highly functional and continued to be if you managed to live to old age and death came quickly. That’s extremely good news for us humans who have inherited those genes.

Primal health is about what it means to live within your biological potential which includes health and functional fitness for your body and mind for life.

Food: The most important aspect of primal living is adopting the foods and eating habits that are optimal for our bodies and how they have evolved. It’s estimated that 80% of body composition is determined by what you eat. That is very good news for those struggling to lose weight. It’s not primarily about spending hours in the gym or running for miles a day. It’s mainly where you shop and which aisles in the grocery store you visit and which ones you bypass.

The key to eating primally is that you are not on a diet. You have adopted a healthy relationship to food and eating. Diets have an abysmal track record anyway. Primal eating means deliberately changing course and adopting a new lifestyle related to food based on your evolutionary biology as a human. A food relationship that results in effortless weight loss, vibrant energy, and optimal health. Eating primally means loving your food because it makes you feel so good and makes life a buzz.

Attitude: Attitude is about the way you live your life. What does primal living look like? First, it is not about seeking pleasure as a way to find joy. It’s actually a lot simpler than that. And it is a very ancestral life. In a nutshell; Slow down; Simplify; Manage stress; Prioritize sleep; Get sun; Spend time in nature; Tap into your spiritual life. It’s about many of the things you may have heard before. But they are all things that have become counterintuitive and counter-cultural in the modern world. These are all factors in primal health that we all need to relearn because health is much more than running on a treadmill or eating Keto. And they are all things you can learn within a primal lifestyle approach to life.

If you want to maximize your health and longevity and minimize your sickness and disease and if you won’t mess with half-measures… you could be ready for a health coach. I will coach you into a new lifestyle and a new way to live your life.

What I do

By understanding what your personal challenges and goals are for health and wellbeing, I work with you to design and implement a plan that you can adopt as your lifestyle going forward. My job is to coach you into a new lifestyle not to give you quick fixes. If you don’t change your lifestyle, you don’t change your life.

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