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How Sam’s Death Made the Cherries Sweeter – Longevity and the Secret to Life

The Monotony of Immortality; The Joy of Longevity Does the thought of never dying appeal to you? There are some who regard that the ultimate goal of longevity is to eliminate dying. Not me. Eliminating dying has a lot of… Continue Reading →

Uncle Albert Tribute

Eight Things That I Learned From my Uncle Albert But first a story. Story: Restaurant Mary and I were sitting in our favourite restaurant in uptown Waterloo not that long ago when she looked out the window and exclaimed “isn’t… Continue Reading →

Will having a Protein Shake after a Late Night Workout break my fast.

This is a question from a follower. They have a late-night workout and then a protein shake. They also have an eating window from 3-7 pm, meaning that they fast from 7 to 3 pm. Here’s my answer. As soon… Continue Reading →

The Building Blocks of a Primal Life: Fitness, Food, and Attitude

You can improve your energy, boost your stamina, maintain your vitality, and maximize your longevity all with the building blocks of a primal life Fitness Move Primally. Primal fitness means moving the way our bodies were designed to move and… Continue Reading →

What is Primal Health?

Embrace the joy of living … eliminate the fear of sickness and disease. Being healthy and fit and remaining so for the rest of our lives is something that we have considerably more control over than most of us believe…. Continue Reading →