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You Can Stay Healthy

but you can change your gene expression


Why Primal?

The choices that we have available to us in our modern diet has an amazing diversity of food options. At the same time, it mixes some astonishingly bad junk in with the good stuff. And it is that bad stuff that is impacting our ability to stay healthy as we age and avoid the chronic conditions of ageing. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even Cancer have a significant component of diet and lifestyle over which we have control. While no one can guarantee that you will not suffer from such maladies, there are ways to mitigate the likelihood of acquiring those top of the list killers.

My interest is not just longevity. It’s healthy functional ageing. Life gives us no guarantees whatsoever. But there is ample evidence that remaining healthy, fit, functional and highly cognizant throughout our entire lives is something that is not only achievable but should be expected for most people. That gives the next generation the opportunity to massively downsize the nursing home population. Rather than ageing being a slow decades-long decline that we see so commonly in our modern world, your life can be highly functional to the end.

We were born to move. And we were meant to move for the rest of our lives.

Move like our ancestors. We were born to move. And we were meant to move for the rest of our lives. And to only stop moving when we’re dead. We understand now that there is no reason for our bodies to not continue to be functional well into old age.

A lifestyle that is aligned with our human genes. The first thing to understand is that your genes don’t care about your longevity. They care only about survival for reproduction. But you care about longevity. You can’t change your genes but you can change your gene expression. And there are ways to modify gene expression through diet, fitness, and lifestyle that will maximize your own longevity. True; we will all die at some point. But you owe it to yourself to be healthy fit and energetic as close to that end as possible. Live long, remain vigorous, then drop dead.