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How Sam’s Death Made the Cherries Sweeter – Longevity and the Secret to Life

The Monotony of Immortality; The Joy of Longevity Does the thought of never dying appeal to you? There are some who regard that the ultimate goal of longevity is to eliminate dying. Not me. Eliminating dying has a lot of… Continue Reading →

The Best Fitness Machines to Curb Cardiovascular Disease and Promote Longevity

Your Blood, Your Heart, Your Life and Death Blood is life; your lifeblood so to speak. Consider your heart much? You should. The number one cause of death globally is cardiovascular disease (CVD). And CVD leads by a wide margin… Continue Reading →

Uncle Albert Tribute

Eight Things That I Learned From my Uncle Albert But first a story. Story: Restaurant Mary and I were sitting in our favourite restaurant in uptown Waterloo not that long ago when she looked out the window and exclaimed “isn’t… Continue Reading →

Could Cigars, Whisky and Ice Cream be the Secret to Longevity? How To Do Longevity The Better Way

A Strategy for Doing Longevity for the Common PersonPart 1: Top 9 Things in Your Defensive Strategy Richard is dead. Caught pneumonia and died a few days later. Probably all those cigars. No need to mourn. At 112, why mourn… Continue Reading →

Stop Doing These Seven Things If You Want To Live To 100.

Meet Charles. He’s 97-years old. Charles Eugster (rhymes with youngster, oh so ironic, no?) looks in great shape for someone approaching 100, or for that matter their 80s or 70s or even 60s. His physique is thanks to taking up… Continue Reading →

Is It Better to Run and Have Dessert, or Skip Both the Run and the Dessert?

“You Cant Outrun Your Fork” You’ve heard that one before, haven’t you? It’s one of my favourite quotes although I have no idea who said it (and neither does the Internet, it seems). Some people think that if you eat… Continue Reading →

Body Fat, Belly Fat, Gaining it, Losing it.

“I use the treadmill and elliptical for an hour of workout 5 times a week. I’ve lost fat throughout and I feel great but it feels like they [don’t help much] with belly fat. What do I do?” Question posed… Continue Reading →

Will having a Protein Shake after a Late Night Workout break my fast.

This is a question from a follower. They have a late-night workout and then a protein shake. They also have an eating window from 3-7 pm, meaning that they fast from 7 to 3 pm. Here’s my answer. As soon… Continue Reading →